Prices and Conditions

It is often difficult to accurately assess how much a dog will cost to groom, as is depends on the size of dog, the type and condition of the coat. An average full groom takes around 1.5 - 2 hours and costs £25 - £30. For this your dog will be brushed, combed, de-matted, trimmed, clipped, bathed and blow-dried, ears and eyes cleaned, anal glands checked and claws clipped.

A further guide to our charges are below, which will give you an good idea how much it will cost you. Some dogs take less time and some take more so we adjust our charges accordingly.

Price Guide: Full Groom
Extra large, long-haired dogs, e.g. Pyrenean Mountain Dog: From £40.
Large, long-haired dog, e.g Long Haired German Shepherd Dog: From £35.
Long-haired dog, e.g Border Collie, West Highland Terrier: From £30.
Short coated dogs, e.g Labrador Retriever: From £20.

Walk - Groom - Walk Package
If you would like us to look after your dog for the day as well as give him/her a groom then just add £20 on to the cost of the groom (£25 if after 4.30pm). Your dog will live with us as part of the family, go on long walks, be fed and get lots of TLC.

We ask owners to drop off and collect their dogs as we do not have a waiting area. We will call you shortly before the groom is due to finish. We have a safe and secure utility room and a large enclosed garden where your dog can relax afterwards. Please ensure that your dog is walked and 'busied' before arriving.

Dogs that we will not groom
We want you and your pet to have a positive experience when you come to visit and, as dog lovers, we want to provide you with the best service that we can offer, however there are a few conditions we feel that we must point out:
• We will not groom extensively matted dogs, such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles and other Poodle cross-breeds. This is primarily due to the stress caused to the dog attempting to de-matt close to the skin, which is both painful and time-consuming. Owners who have dogs in this condition are advised to seek veterinary advice or find a groomer who is prepared to clip the coat close to the skin.
• Highly aggressive dogs: We try to avoid the use of muzzles but sometimes find it necessary to muzzle a dog if we fear for our safety. However there is a limit to the amount of aggression we are prepared to accept.
• We don't mind the occasional flea; it happens and we will treat with appropriate products and shampoos but infested dogs will infect our whole salon so please check your dog prior to booking an appointment and seek medical advice if necessary.